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VigiView™ ALD

VigiView™ ALD (Automatic Luggage Detector) is the application based on the the VigiView™ platform designed to detect abandoned objects in the monitored area. VigiView™ ALD integrates with traditional CCTV installations and  can be configuerd to satisfy the different needs of each project, such as the set-up of different level of alert depending on the time passed after the object has been abandoned.

Since VigiView™ ALD is based on the XTrust's VigiView™ platform, unlike other similar applications that run on traditional servers, it l is executed with amazing performance on a modern cluster of GPUs.


VirtualShield™ is an innovative application which makes use of depth sensors. The system, exploiting information provided by third dimension, reliably estimates distances of objects and persons in the monitored area and dramatically reduces false alarm rates compared to traditional video surveillance systems. With an easy to use interface the user defines a 3D shape around the asset (or assets) that has to be protected, delimiting the boundaries in all 3 dimensions. No more alarms are triggered if a person passes in front or behind of a monitored asset without really penetrating the 3D limited shape.